TMJ, Dizziness, Headaches

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TMJ, Dizziness & Headaches... Gone!

Back in March of 1991, I started feeling dizzy, had constant headaches and had a loud clicking noise in my ears every time I swallowed. At the time I thought I had some sort of ear problem.  I went to see many doctors and was treated for an inner ear infection.

After a few months of many different types of medications for my ears, nothing seemed to be working.  I went to a doctor who specialized in something called "TMJ disorder".  After wearing a plastic piece in my mouth for a few months I realized this was not helping my problem either.

Finally after speaking with Dr. MacAdam and telling him of my problems, he said he thought he would be able to help me.  Since I have been seeing Dr. MacAdam for the last couple of months, I feel 100% better and the clicking noise in my ears has decreased dramatically.

If I would have seen a chiropractor in the beginning of my symptoms, I would not only have felt better a lot sooner, but would have saved myself quite a bit of money!

Susan Dula